Curriculum Vita

“It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”

James Baldwin

About EdKe | Harvey Lisse 2010

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Since  2003: Independent Creative Practitioner, SR

For intuitive coaching and creative documentation, I use visual cultures and textual products. My focus is to intersect artistic processes with sustainable development, management of change, social interventions, and civic engagement. Currently, I am involved as Lead Curator for Readytex Art Gallery in Suriname.

2003 – 2009: Employment, SR

Between 2007 and 2009, I was Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality Manager for a pre-stressed concrete company (back then Prescrete LLC). In this position, I supervised 2 co-workers and reported to the Technical Director. From 2006 to 2007, I worked as Limited Authorized Teacher (Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture in Suriname). My first job was Retail Merchandiser for Coca Cola Bottling Company in Suriname (2003 to 2006).

2009 – 2016: COO & Founder DEAM Advisory LLC, SR

While being responsible for creative concepts and decorative solutions for approx. 10 organizations, including Heineken Bottling Company in Suriname and Hankrinbank LLC, I supervised 3 co-workers. As Lead Consultant for 2 ISO Certification Projects commissioned by the Surinamese government, I supported in training and mentoring more than 70 Quality Managers, while guiding and supervising over 35 government and private firms. Most organizations I have worked with operate in production of goods, tech services, construction, design and engineering – including Art Sabina Design & Printing NV, Inspire – Digital & Trade, FIRM Engineering, ILACO Suriname NV, Suriname Meteorological Service and Suriname Bureau of Standards. Amongst others. I have been involved with process quality assurance and risk-based auditing. DEAM had long term collaborations with Clear IT and Professional Support LLC.


2021Silvia de Groot fund, NL

For students/researchers with Dutch-Caribbean roots, preferably of maroon descent, in preparation of scientific publication in the field of the Royal Institute of Linguistics, Land- and Ethnology.

2020CATAPULT Stay Home Artist Residency, Caribbean

Opportunities provided to 24 Caribbean cultural practitioners, while remaining in their workspaces over a two-month period. The program targeted individuals exploring the critical key themes of culture, human rights, gender, LGBTQIA+, and climate justice which are so relevant to the region.

2017Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF), US

Small grants to teams of past and current participants of US government-sponsored exchange programs to carry out public service projects that utilize skills and knowledge they have gained through their exchange experiences.

2016Nyun Sten Festival, SR

Script writing course with dramatical reading, hosted by Awards were provided to 3 scriptwriters. During the dramatical reading, my script was produced by Marjorie Boston (2016) at On Stage in Suriname. In 2017, Tolin Alexander produced this script at theater Thalia for their 180-year celebration. A second dramatical reading was planned by Right About Now Inc in Amsterdam (2020); however, canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2015Moengo Festival of Visual Arts, SR

Participation included providing art workshops to pupils in a primary school for 10 weeks, together with Kurt Nahar (SR). Individually and collectively created artworks were featured in an exhibition of 50 international and local artists in the village Moengo in Marowijne, Suriname.

2015International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), US

Program included visits to established art centers as well as smaller art programs by visiting the USA between April 11 and May 03, 2015. This experience is illustrative for participants, to bring the different ways in which the arts identify creativity, beliefs, diversity, and tolerance in American society.


2020 – 2022:

04 weeks curatorial residency at Despina – Rio de Janeiro, BR

03 weeks curatorial residency at Uberbau_House – São Paulo, BR

11 weeks contemporary art research at Uberbau_House – São Paulo, BR

2020 – 2020:

2017 – 2021: 

06 weeks special alumni program at Arquetopia – Oaxaca, MX

11 weeks focus on sci-fi novel FROM A DEAD MAN – Monterrey, MX

11 weeks focus on synopsis of FROM A DEAD MAN – Puebla, MX

11 weeks focus on COUP 22 reflection/production – Chiapas, MX

06 weeks special alumni program at Arquetopia – Puebla, MX

06 weeks academic program Arquetopia – Puebla, MX

03 weeks Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia artist residency – Pucallpa, PE

2016 – 2023: 

72 weeks curatorial case study at Readytex Art Gallery – Paramaribo, SR

52 weeks MISSION 21 creative counseling – Paramaribo, SR

05 weeks workshops for detained youth at Opa Doeli – Paramaribo, SR

52 weeks mentoring program for creative writing at Schrijversvakschool, SR

10 weeks script writing program at – Paramaribo, SR


2016 – 2019Secretary Villa Zapakara museum for children, SR

2015 – 2018: Member Steering Committee Suriname America Alumni Association, SR

2014 – 2020: Chairman of Education & Art (EDA) Foundation, SR 

2004 – 2014FVAS (Federation of Visual Artist in Suriname), SR 

2002 – 2014JCI Suriname (Junior Chamber International in Suriname), SR 


2021 – 2022: THIRD Cycle Research Program of the DAS Graduate School, NL 

2019 – 2021Arquetopia 10th Anniversary Scholarship, MX  

2018 – 2019Academy for Counseling and Coaching, SR

2015 – 2016: Academy for Intuitive Coaching and Development, SR 

2006 – 2011: Polytechnic College Paramaribo, SR

2002 – 2006: Evening Vocational Technical Education, SR

2001 – 2004Nola Hatterman Art Academy, SR

1996 – 2002: Secondary School, SR


2023     O DIREITO AO FUTURO (the right to the future) at Ateliê397 – Sao Paulo, BR

2022      Movement in Lines – performing “negrotivities” at Despina – Rio de Janeiro, BR

21-23   ALAKONDRE – A Space In Time at Readytex Art Gallery – Paramaribo, SR

2020     NET’ ALENG – You Are NOT Invited! at De Hal – Paramaribo, SR

2019      SOLAR – exhibition combined with disco at Casa Francescana, Mexico City, MX

2018      Where young people and artists come together at De Hal – Paramaribo, SR

2018      ERROR ERROR ERROR – performance in Downtown – Paramaribo, SR

2017      AISA AYA – community public art at Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia – Pucallpa, PE

2017       PUR’ BLAKA – performance  at Theater Thalia – Paramaribo, SR

2016       PUR’ BLAKA – dramatical reading at OnStage Theater – Paramaribo, SR

2016       SPONTANE/US at Tori Oso | Souposo | Gudrun NV | Felisa Apartments, SR

2015       11TH Commandment – group installation at Moengo Festival – Marowijne, SR

2013       CONNECTION at Hotel Wyndham Garden – Paramaribo, SR

2012       SHEMACHO – I challenge I at De Hal – Paramaribo, SR

2012       Back to Source performance at Nieuw Amsterdam – Commewijne, SR

2011        SILENT ENCOUNTER at House of Art – Paramaribo, SR

2010       NEGROWHITE – Identity & Image at Open Air Museum Nieuw Amsterdam, SR


2022        IRCPL Magic & Climate Change series – Columbia University, US

2022        Magic in Visual Conversations – Atlantic World Art Fair, Caribbean

2021        COVID – Collecting Our Voices in Dialogue – Museums Association Caribbean, US

2021        La Forma del Cuerpo: Final project of curatorial studies – ARPA BUAP, MX

2021        Presentations at Arquetopia Open Process  – ARPA BUAP, MX

2020        COUP 22: a virtual intervention related to COVID-19Archive



2020      Kunst als ideaal middel om taboes bespreekbaar te maken – Tascha Aveloo

2022      Ingezoomd op inheemse cultuur tijdens Ingi Sten groepsexpo – Rose-Marie Maître

2022      Artistic Research – New Pathways to New Knowledge?  – Hester van Hasselt

2022      Readytex presenteert Udubaki II – Rose-Marie Maître

2021      Miguel Keerveld @ Readytext – Sasha Dees

2017      De Yorkafowru kraait hetzelfde in 2017 – Ruth San A Jong


2015        USA Embassy Great Idea Award for SAAA logo     

2014        Member of winning team PTC (College Debating Competition)

2013        IRCA Certified Lead Auditor ISO 14001 & ISO 45001     

2010        JCI Certified Trainer, Effective Project Management     

2009        ISO 9001 External Expert | FHR Institute for Higher Education (bachelor’s)

2008        Best Quality Manager ISO 9001 Certification Project

2008        IRCA Certified Lead Auditor ISO 9001