ALAKONDRE: A Space in Time

Staging ‘Magic in Visual Conversation’ | Readytex Art Gallery 2022

Currently, I am exploring alakondre. This idea is contextualized as creolization and care. Rooted in Suriname as performing Self and Other, alakondre intersects epistemology and ontology in the Caribbean; specifically referred to as alakondre-fasi. As a contrary to apartheid, this concept is metaphoric to all-inclusive space; fasi means model or method. As timeless spatiality, alakondre-fasi explores identification and representation as plurality entangling art, social practice, culture, and nature. 

First, I participated in Aruetopia’s International Mentoring Program. This scholarship took place between April 2019 and July 2021 and allowed me to explore local knowledge in Mexico, dive into the Caribbean context, and understand problems of modernity in a global context. In April 2021, I started DAS THIRD Cycle Research Program in The Netherlands. Due to EU-visa issues, I decided to end my participation in this PhD support structure in July 2022, after one year of participation via a hybrid structure. However, I am finishing my case study: to explore and conjoin staging with collective healing in Suriname.

Miguel ‘EdKe’ Keerveld; on behalf of the persona tumpi flow