“This is not a question of simply rearranging the furniture but one of dismantling and rebuilding the whole structure.”

– Remi Joseph-Salisbury

Highlight of ‘ALAKONDRE: A Space in Time’ | 2022

My practice combines spontaneity and methodology. As technologies intervening cultures and natures, I focus on performativity as a social construct for visual & textual production in pursuit of tracing the known and the unknown.

In general, I document encounters with others as appearances of An Other. This can lead to pragmatical challenges such as violence. To alter this power structure, my approach relates to communal performances and art installations as creative tracks based on the mechanisms such as painting, patch working, doodling, and writing. In exploring mutations of dialectics during a decade, I curated manifestations such as:

To perform philosophy as cyborg feminist, I use I kroywara I. A concept devised as knowledge from the Kariña – a Caribbean indigenous community. In challenging nationalism’s root in history, I focus on time and space.

On behalf of the brand EdKe and tumpi flow