Miguel E. Keerveld (1982, SR) their practice is multi-interdisciplinary. They operate as leader, consultant, business & social practitioner, and artist questioning history and territory. In challenging place, race and gender, their focus is on: collective healing, visual & textual producing, and organization process auditing.

Amongst other, they engage in Brazil, the Caribbean, and Mexico. In pursuit of critical perspectives for the processes of identification and representation, Miguel channels in response of solutions for colonization and climate crisis. As creative entrepreneur and social architect exploring local knowledge and technologies, arts is their spacetime in dialoguing with the persona tumpi flow and creating under the brand EdKe: an ecology operating intuitively and analyzing creatively.

ALAKONDRE Manifesto, part 1 | Alida Neslo (SR) 2021
Expo UDUBAKI, part 1 | Miguel E. Keerveld (SR) 2021
Expo UDUBAKI, part 2 | Miguel E. Keerveld (SR) 2022
Expo UDUBAKI, part 3 | Miguel E. Keerveld (SR) 2022

ALAKONDRE: A Space in Time

My research in performing and staging took place as Curator-in-Residence. Between May 2 and June 21, 2022, I participated at Uberbau_House (São Paulo) and Despina (Rio de Janeiro) in Brazil, to map conversations of my persona tumpi flow. In Suriname, I worked in collaboration with Readytex Art Gallery (Paramaribo) from September 2021 to February 2023.

The case study I explored is based on alakondre. Rooted in Suriname, this idea is conceptualized as creolization and care. Contextualized as performing Self and Other, it intersects epistemology and ontology in the Caribbean; specifically referred to as alakondre-fasi. As a contrary to apartheid, alakondre relates to all-inclusive space; fasi means model or method. My argument is that alakondre-fasi is timeless spatiality and a methodology to understand processes of identification and representation as plural. This notion entangles art, society, culture, and nature. I am honored to explore local knowledge in the context of Suriname as a continuation on legacies of others such as Alida Neslo (1952, SR).

First, I participated in Aruetopia’s International Mentoring Program. Between April 2019 and July 2021, this scholarship allowed me to explore local knowledge in Mexico and understand problems of modernity in a global context. In April 2021, I started with DAS THIRD Cycle Research in The Netherlands. Due to EU-visa issues, I decided to end my participation in this PhD support structure in July 2022, after one year of participation via a hybrid structure. However, I finished a case study that explores curatorship as communal counseling in the context of Suriname.

On behalf of the persona tumpi flow